Mar. 29th, 2008

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Death has to be the top of the list of things that are too serious to joke about.  Serious illness and injury as well, but death is number 1.  Why? I've been on this crazy Internet for a dozen years and have had a lot of people pass in and out of my life.  And several years ago now, someone came into my life who I thought was a good man.

Unfortunately, he was not a good man.  He felt that he had to manipulate everyone and his ultimate act of manipulation was to fake his death.  He brought so many innocent people down with his scheme.  He destroyed a lot of good reputations.  And when it was finally brought to light that he had done this, those of us who truly believed that he had died were the ones who suffered the worse.  He was, somehow, revered and given pass for his manipulation.

Somehow, he came out of it looking better than everyone else, and those who were truly believers that he had passed were the accused.  We were believed to be the co-conspirators and we took the heat while he was treated like a king.

Despite the fact that this was at 8 years ago, I have not forgotten this, nor will I ever forget it, nor will I forget his name.  I will also never forgive him for all the trouble he caused.  I do not hate him, he's not worth the time to hate him.  I just hope that somewhere along the lines, he learned how to live without manipulating people.


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