Feb. 15th, 2008

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I have to say that one of my favorite poems is one that I posted a while ago...

Drowning in You
© By Angel R. Hawkins

I wake up every morning thinking of you
I go to sleep thinking the same thing too
Throughout the day you're on my mind
Twenty-four-seven you make me blind
Blind to everything but emotion
Your heart swallowed me like it was an ocean
And I was the victim of not pain but of pleasure
The water was feelings of an unbelievable measure
It filled my lungs and I couldn't breathe
I closed my eyes but I could still see
The light in your eyes was incredibly bright
It helped me see beyond most peoples sight
But only when I looked you in the eyes
And it came as a surprise
Because I've never drown like that before
Overwhelming me, more and more
By the minutes, seconds we were together
We didn't make conversation, not even about the weather
But there were whirlpools surrounding me
We ignored them and let them be
And so I drowned in my own sorrows
That I didn't talk to you, today or tomorrow
So now I'm slowly drowning, drowning like a rock
The water surrounded me like a hungry hawk
I am drowning
Drowning in you


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